Professional architectural project management consultancy

Sthaptya Vishwa professional designing & architectural project management consultancy aspires to provide our clients with the best of all our services and deliverables at all times. In this process, each stage of the project is well defined to achieve quality. We are committed and devoted to striving to find answers to all our clients’ queries and devising and the best strategies to them to help them ace the game of market monopoly.

“The Integration Of Comprehensive Architectural Consultancy Along With Project Management Leads To The Success Of The Project & The Satisfaction Of The Client.”

Staptyavishwa offers notable Commercial Project Management & Consultancy services. We provide a range of technical surveys and professional services related to the practical aspects of owning, maintaining, developing, and investing in commercial property across the world. Our commercial building design includes the entire real estate construction lifecycle. We are committed to providing efficient building design, environmentally sustainable solutions for commercials that reduce waste and energy consumption, and that minimize costs for our clients. Our consultancy expert solution adopts an integrated design approach to securing results and our professional surveyors & consultancy can be instructed at any stage of a building project’s lifecycle.

Sthaptya Vishwa consultancy services provide an enhanced structural design solution to Industrial Building design. Keeping in view of large size, long span of Industrial Building design our technical team acquires the data related to building functionality, elevation projections, and sectional details from architects, owners, etc., and finalized the Industrial structural geometry keeping all aspects of safety, serviceability, and durability of the structure. Due to large size, sometimes building needs to perform separately to avoid expansions and contractions of building and to serve the functional requirement, expansion joint to be provided without effecting functional use of the building.

As a leading Interior Architectural Design Consultancy based in Pune, our avowed goal is to strategize and execute a project in its entirety –right from conceptualizing to the final handing over the key to the client. We work as a turnkey project consultancy for complete turnkey building projects solutions. We have complete expertise to execute these projects as per the specific requirements of our clients and deal with the interiors of the homes, banks, public sector offices as well as MNCs. We have the experienced of turnkey project design & management and they handle the whole project, from conceptualization to finish.

Sthaptya Vishwa offers one of the best Landscape project consultancies. In our complete landscape process, we thoroughly study the entire structure or future construction of that particular space. After specific discussions with our clients about the location, the feasibility of project design. Once the construction of the area is figured out, we work out the complete design flowchart for the client perspective.

Through our proven pre-construction services approach, Institutional project design systems, and design-build techniques, Sthaptyavisha is ideally suited to handle the complex projects of the institutional sector. As a consultancy, We know how to collaborate with Institutional public and private sector clients & to know well about their requirements. We understand the value in identifying and working with the client, design teams, and project stakeholders early on to create value and an environment for project success. Whether we are building Institutional project for educational facility campus buildings, or a state-of-the-art healthcare or research facility, we can customize our construction approach and methodology to suit any delivery schedule without compromising the quality of the project or safety.